When a beautiful blonde shows up at Rocky's office with a broken heart and a river of tears to prove it - along with a body to kill for he can't help notice - The Love Detective takes the case. Immediately. Rocky just can't say "no" to a beautiful woman. Especially when she has a body to die for.

The assignment is straightforward she tells him: "My soul mate is missing, I need someone to find him. I've heard you're the best."

But when Rocky closes in on the lover who has gone MIA, he discovers the barrel of a Sig Sauer pressed against his spine. Rocky realizes that maybe he's been fed a line - and not the kind of line he loves to grab onto and pull in close.

Private investigator, veteran of Desert Storm, and tough guy with a soft heart; no one is better at untangling a complicated love mystery than Rocky Romance. He hopes that he'll meet his own soul mate on the journey of life.

Rocky shoots straight with his 45 caliber handgun and he'll shoot straight to help you figure out when your rocky romance can be saved - and when you just have to let it go.

He'll do everything he can to bring these star-crossed lovers back together - if he can stay alive.

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